Camel trading

Camel trading pushkar Camel Trading in Pushkar is part of the Pushkar fair and is an interesting thing to watch. Pushkar fair is the world's largest camel fair and tourists around the globe flock out to watch this spectacular fair full of unusual and unique things. Pushkar fair can be called as a rare combination of cultural vibrancy and religious fervour of Rajasthan and it has its own attraction.

Pushkar fair can be called as the largest zone for trading of Camel in Pushkar. Pushkar information on Camel trading at Pushkar reveals that in the Pushkar fair, mass trading of camel takes place. Camel are the focal point of camel trading in Pushkar and other than that cattle along with other livestock are also the part of the trade.

Camel traders and the villagers from far away places flock to Pushkar accompanied by the humped beasts. More than 25,000 camels are traded in Pushkar and it makes for the largest trading zone of camels in Pushkar. The camel trading in Pushkar is a spectacular event and the panoramic view of the traders waiting with the camels for the customers to buy is an interesting sight to watch.

Camel trading in Pushkar is meant for those peoples who likes indulging themselves in buying non-polluting transport and that's even cheap in comparison to other ones. The camel trading in Pushkar is an important attraction of Pushkar fair and it adds more vibrancy to the fair. As India is a place to bargain and yes this good norm applies to the camel trading in Pushkar even.

Visit Pushkar during the time of Pushkar fair and get to see the traditional culture of Rajasthan.