Pushkar camel fair

pushkar camel fair Pushkar Camel Fair is the world's largest camel fair held in the holy town of Pushkar in Rajasthan. A spotlight of one's holiday in India, the festival hosts around 50,000 camels which are sold, decorated, shaved and raced. From a mere 14,000 to a massive 200,000! This is how the population of Pushkar swells during the Pushkar Camel Fair.

Pushkar Camel Fair is an occasion for villagers from far and near to gather together and enjoys a welcome break from their harsh life of the arid desert. The village women dress in their best colourful clothes and finery for the five-day mela. Pushkar Camel Fair is an occasion for Hindu pilgrims to converge for a holy dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake to "wash away the sins of a lifetime" and pay obeisance at the only Brahma temple in the world.

The horses that march to this site find the sand-trot a touch exercise. Numerous cows and sheep also come to the animal fair. Completing the scene thousands of men, women and children, come with their beasts, suddenly inhabiting the barren plain with the camel providing the backdrop. On the roadside, stalls of all kinds are set up to sell a cornucopia of items. Almost every household is engaged in setting them up as the locals try to capitalize on the massive influx of people.

Womenfolk are more attracted to the glittering wares in the stalls under canopies. The large variety of intricate silver ornaments - hairpins and chains, nose rings and neckbands, waistbands, anklets, toe rings and the ivory bangles worn from wrist to shoulder - would send any woman on a buying spree. The garments stalls, in no way less colourful, sell high fashion upper garments of patchwork and tie 'n' die. Tattoo stalls give many women beauty marks that last a lifetime. Whoever said that the unsophisticated are not fashionable!

For the visitor, Pushkar Camel Fair is an unparalleled and unforgettable experience to capture the vibrancy of the entire state of Rajasthan in one place.

History & Legends of Pushkar Fair: -
Pushkar has the only temple of Lord Brahma in the country. Myth says that Lord Brahma was on his way to search for a suitable place to perform a 'Yagna' (a fire sacrifice) while contemplating, a lotus fell from his hand on the earth and water sprouted from that place. One of them was Pushkar where Lord Brahma performed "Yagna". Worship of Brahma was considered highly important at the end of the first millennium BC. The holy lake has 52 ghats and pilgrim taking a ritual dip in the lake is a common sight. Although a serene town, Pushkar bustles with life during the joyous celebration held on Kartik Purnima. Every year thousands of devotees throng the lake around the full moon day of Kartik Purnima in October-November to take a holy dip in the Pushkar Lake. Huge and colorful Camel Fair "The Pushkar Fair", is also held during this time. Pushkar fair is well-known for it's camel trading and other attractive activities.

Special attractions: -
Cultural shows and exhibitions are also organized in this Camel Fair to enliven the event. Movies are shown, competitions are arranged, bards and poets recite and sing tales of valor and heroism of bygone days.

An interesting part of the Pushkar Fair is the mass trading of camels. Of course, cattle and other livestock are also traded, but it's camels that hold center stage at Pushkar. Camel-traders and villagers from miles away converge to Pushkar with their humped beasts. Over 25,000 camels (on the conservative side) are traded; making this world's largest Camel Fair.

Races and competitions are organized. Camels lope across the sands sometimes throwing their riders on to the vast sands, amidst cheers and jeers from thousands of spectators. An interesting event is the camel beauty contest, where they are adorned and paraded. The camels preen before the crowds, enjoying every moment of the attention they get.

Competitions such as the "Matka Phod", "moustache", and "bridal competition" are the main attractions of this Pushkar Camel Fair which attract thousands of tourists.

Body tattooing is yet another favorite activity. The profusion of colors that run riot in the desert sand, the glee and the contagious enthusiasm of the village folk are a unique experience for every visitor.

Events during Pushkar Fair
Camel race contest is usually the first event during Pushkar fair. The camels are decorated in finery and are raced to reach the finishing line before the music stops (something like musical chairs). Vying for the first prize the camel is judged upon its speed its equipment and ornaments, its capacity to interpret and carry out its masters' commands are the criteria of selection.
How can we forget to mention the well-known longest moustache, matka phod and bridal competition that attract thousands of tourists all over the world.

List of Pushkar Fair Events:
Camel Race
Gorband - Camel Decoration
Camel and Horse Dance
Kabbadi Match (Local v/s Visitors)
Cultural Programmes
Turban Tying and Tilak Competition

Highlights of Pushkar Fair: -
Camel trading, folk performances, body tattooing, ethnic shopping, puppet shows, acrobatics, best breed contest, moustache competition, bridal competition etc.

Best Time to Visit Pushkar: - October to March

Reasons to visiting the Pushkar Fair!!!
» Pushkar Fair is the world's largest Camel Fair.
» Pushkar offers around 400 temples to see.
» You'll visit the only Brahma Temple in the world.
» You'll see the Holy Pushkar Lake with 52 ghats surrounding it.
» You can participate in numerous cultural activities during Pushkar Camel Fair
» Ethnic shopping items from all over the state are on sale.
» It's a rare combination of religious and cultural vibrancy in Rajasthan.
» You can interact with tribal folks and understand their culture.

Camel Safari in Pushkar
Pushkar is well known for its camel safari. All those who travel to the holy town of Pushkar should never miss a chance to go on a camel safari. This is a great way to explore the vast expanse of the desert landscape in Pushkar which pulls travelers from every corner of the world. The most interesting means of exploring the desert around Pushkar is by camel safari and virtually everyone who comes here goes on one.

Camel Safari in Pushkar is a great experience where one can explore the rugged terrain of the Great Indian Desert of Sahara using camels as ones carriers. The Aravalli Range here are one of the world's oldest, and have sandy fields, small dunes, beautiful hills and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. The camel safaris in Pushkar takes one to the destinations where one witnesses small villages along the way and if one happens to visit during crop harvesting , the views are exceptionally alluring .

Camel Safari in Pushkar is a once in a lifetime experience. Camel Safaris are certainly the ideal way to spend time exploring the rustic and royal Rajasthan. Camel Safari in Pushkar is an adventure, which takes you through the golden sands of the vast Thar Desert providing the glimpse of the desert lifestyle through remote villages. One can ride or walk along leisurely with the Camel safari and enjoy the desertscape. Our camel carts are fully equipped and tourists need not bother about comfort in the desert.

The special cultural performances on the sand dunes, the camps set up for the travelers, the traditional Rajasthani meals and the picturesque hamlets with friendly folks, all together make Camel Safaris on of the special adventure tour in India.

Camel Safari Tips:-
Besides riding the camel there are certain other facts too that you should keep in mind while traveling the desert regions of the Pushkar.

» The weather in desert is extreme so do carry a good backup of plenty of portable water to avoid dehydration, sun
screen, goggles, and a first aid kit.
» Get information about the weather.
»The clothes that you are going to wear should also provide your skin breathing space, because of the hot climate
you are tend to sweat. Its better to wear cotton clothes and loose fitted ones and wear shoes, avoid exposing
your skin as much as possible or you'll get a sun burn.
»Visitors are requested to dress modestly since the safari passes in close proximity of villages. A Sola-Topee, the
local Rajasthani turban or some kind of head protection is essential too.

Why to visit Pushkar Fair
Travel to Pushkar City - A magical and cultural journey of India
Pushkar - the holy city situated in the Eastern part of Rajasthan enjoys immense popularity worldwide for its temple dedicated to God Brahma, Pushkar Lake and colorful Pushkar fair India.

Pushkar Fair - The Biggest Camel Fair
The world renowned Pushkar Fair India is the largest Pushkar camel fair in all over the world. Over 200,000 people flock to Pushkar for the Pushkar Camel Fair every year, bringing with them about 50,000 camels and cattle for several days of pilgrimage, dealing, and racing.

Temples in Pushkar - Shrine to Revitalize Your Sacred Feelings
The sacred city Pushkar Rajasthan is believed to have more than 400 temples and is said to be the only place with a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, one of the most important member of the Holy Trinity of Hindus who is known as 'The Creator'. The Brahma Temple built with marble is decorated with silver coins and there is a silver turtle on the floor of the temple.

Pushkar Lake - Rejuvenate your Mind and Soul here
A dip in the holy waters of the sacred Pushkar Lake on Kartika Poornima is considered same as performing yagnas for several hundred years. Lined with fifty-two bathing Ghats, the lake exudes an unmatched air of peace and tranquility. The water around each Ghat on the Pushkar Lake is believed to have extraordinary powers.

Camel Safari – An amazing experience of a lifetime.
Savor the unique sights of the desert kingdom in the form of camel safari. This is a great way to explore the vast expanse of the desert landscape in Pushkar which pulls travelers from every corner of the world. Camel Safari in Pushkar, is an ideal way to explore the rural and royal Rajasthan.

Shopping in Pushkar – Get world’s best souvenirs
Shopping in Pushkar is quite a rewarding experience. One can purchase finest souvenirs from its famed bazaars to shop for textiles, exquisite embroidery pieces, finely crafted jewelry, miniature paintings and many other items of interest.

Tourist Attractions during Pushkar Festival
Pushkar festival is very different from the traditional religious festivals that one celebrates with family and friends. Pushkar festival is a festival where you get a chance to celebrate witness and be a part of the festive spirit of Rajasthan, a state in India, which is famous, allover for the rich cultural heritage. Every year when the winter months approach in India, Pushkar festival is celebrated with all the traditional ceremonies that are part of the festivals since a very long time. There are no fixed dates to celebrate the festival, but the dates are selected following the lunar calendar like all the other Hindu festivals. The festival is held in the month of Kartik during the full moon day and traditionally it falls in the month of November. Pushkar festivals are famous all over the world and the main attraction of this festival is the huge number of foreign tourist it draws to witness the event. Anyone who has not been a part of the Pushkar festivals has definitely missed out on enjoying some of the best festivities that one can ever see. Pushkar is a wonderful place for you to go if you want to witness the spirit and celebration of festivals in India.

Cattle Fair :-
The Pushkar fair is synonymous to the cattle fair. So there are camels, horses, cows, goats, and sheep; all decked up to be sold and purchased. The proud cattle owners throng Pushkar, traveling across the golden sands of the various places in Rajasthan. There is bargaining, presence of several popular breeds and the parading of the well bred, highly decorated cattle. As is believed about Pushkar Fair is the world’s largest camel fair.

Holy Dip in Pushkar Lake :-
Pushkar is one of the sacred places for the Hindus, with 400 temples of which the most important is dedicated to Lord Brahma - the creator of the universe. Fifty-two ghats bind the lake. People consider the water of the Pushkar Lake to be very sacred and the ritual of taking dips in the holy water is believed to bestow salvation. The holy dip is most auspicious on Kartik Poornima. Even before sunrise, people descend the ghats, aided by the 'pandas' (Brahmin priests) to take the sacred bath. Offerings of coconut, flowers, and cash are made to the lake and the priests.

The Brahma Temple :-
Brahma temple is situated at Pushkar in Rajasthan, India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma and is said to be the only existing temple dedicated to Lord Brahama in India. This temple, built with marble, is decorated with silver coins, and there is a silver turtle on the floor of the temple. Legend also has it that the ancient lake Sarovar had appeared miraculously, when a lotus fell from the hands of Lord Brahma and dropped into the this valley. The image of Brahma Ji in Pushkar is in a seated Palthi position. It is said that Lord Brahma's lotus flower fell in three separate places in the Pushkar area.

Floating Lamps :-
It is customary to float lighted earthen lamps after placing them on 'pattals' (plates made of leaves) on the waters of the lake. This creates a spectacular view in the evening when the sacred lake takes on a mystical tint sprinkled with twinkling spots of light. 'Aarti' is offered at the lake in the morning and evening.

Competitions :-
Talking about Pushkar Fair the most striking feature is the cattle competition. Imagine the entire limelight on beautifully decorated cattle when they race their ways into the audiences’ heart or the manner in which they play musical chairs. The Pushkar Fair watches the best-bedecked camel in parade winning the beauty contest. But the most hilarious competition of all makes large numbers of people sit on the camels back and usually fall down! Of course! The camel that accommodates the maximum number of people on its back wins the competition.

Amusement :-
The colorful culture of Rajasthan comes alive in the form of the folklores, music and dance performances besides the captivating turbans of the men. The bards and the poets enchant the audiences with the tales of courage. Cultural shows, exhibitions and movies add to the fun at the Pushkar Fair.

Stalls and Shopping :-
During the Pushkar Fair the numerous make shift stalls offer a variety of items for the cattle and humans. For cattle there are items ranging from saddles, saddle-straps and beads to strings of cowries. With so many women around at the Pushkar Fair can the jewellery and the garment stalls be far! Check out the colorfully clad women buying silver ornaments, bead necklaces from Nagaur and garments of patchwork, printed textiles from Ajmer and tie 'n' die. That is not the end of fashion at the Pushkar Fair; there are beautiful body tattoos that you can get made as per your choice!